Eff yeah, Feijoas.

We have feijoas! LOTS of feijoas! The photo doesn’t really show the extent of it as these were the ones that I picked off the ground. But helllllzzzzz yeah. I really like that we bought a house that had existing fruit trees. And no, I will never shut up about them. EVER.

In fact, I will continue on and be smug about the fact that the peach tree that hangs over our fence has just finished fruiting the most delicious peaches I have ever tasted. (Covered in black spots, unfortunately, but whatevs man!)

Bet you wish you lived at my place.

Devil Child is going to turn into a feijoa at this rate.

3 thoughts on “Eff yeah, Feijoas.

  1. I hate feijoas but I do love peaches, I think I remember you mentioning something about an awesome orange tree too?
    Yup, I'd live there.


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