Oh hai neighbours!

Someone *cough* took down the curtains in her bedroom as some sort of motivation to finish the sanding job she started back in February. Someone still hasn’t finished the sanding and the curtains are still down, almost two months on.

Someone‘s neighbours have probably had to keep their own curtains drawn day and night lest they be subjected to their neighbour’s nekkid form.

Even the Boy, who is usually most diligent with curtain pulling when dressing, strolled out from the shower unconcerned the other day. It turns out that 8 weeks of no curtains will even remove the inhibitions of those that are less inclined toward exhibitionism. Oops.

(Yeah. That’s our room at the top. Nicely elevated so that the whole street (make that two streets) can see in to our bedroom.)


3 thoughts on “Oh hai neighbours!

  1. Hehehe! When I took our bedroom curtains down to wash (destroy) them, our neighbour rang me to ask why and when I'd be putting them up again.
    I wasn't even naked :/


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