I read this blog post on getting toddlers to eat food the other day. Fricking truth. But it reminded me of my rapidly fading smugness about being the parent of a child who will eat what’s put in front of her.

Don’t get me wrong… we’ve had our food battles in the past. I am reminded of  the first iteration of ‘Operation Take the Power Back’ at age 11 months, when the Devil Child declared after a period of illness and teething she would only let custard based dessert pass her precious lips and anything vegetable-based or containing meat was promptly evacuated from the oral cavity if I managed to get it in before she realised what was happening. After a tearful call to Plunket-line and advice and solidarity from the Fairy God Mother-like Plunket nurse, my mantra of “It’s my job to provide the food, your job to eat it” was instituted [mostly] to great success.

I also ensure to not express a dislike of any foods despite my personal feelings toward them. Although I draw the line at tamarillos. That shit is nasty. Can’t even fake it. Curiously, the Devil Child loves it.

Anyway. Smuggy smugness at having an unfussy child. Enter the Devil Child at seven and a half years old.

My previously unfussy eater has taken to judging food based on looks, ultra sensitive to spiciness, and expressing wariness of new foods. Friends’ opinions have taken on a lofty greatness that well surpasses my own, and previously liked foods are now left discarded on the plate.


My new tactic is to employ the shaming tactic: “Maybe when you grow into a big girl, you might like it then.” Either she’s buying it and will attempt the food at a later date, or she’s totally on to me and has figured that it’s easier to nod and smile rather than be forced to eat the abandoned food.

Gawd. I hope I’m doing this right. Remind me not to be so damn smug next time.


6 thoughts on “Fuss

  1. Thing is, you have to be smug where you can because in so, SO many ways the world of parenting can make you feel like a dumbarse.
    I have/had great hopes of my daughter growing up with a strength of self strong enough that she will like what she likes and not be ashamed to say it even if her friends don't feel the same way because the good ones will still like her anyway…
    Still figuring that one out, in the meantime she is singing away to One Direction because a friend got her onto them, even though last week she turned up her nose at all the screaming and fainting girls on the news and proclaimed she hated those guys. Sigh.


  2. Hahahaha…./breath…ha. Aw. Phase, surely! I go for emphasis on trying everything, everytime, over volume. And have you SEEN MY KIDS?! 😛 What do I know about kids the age of yours? Very little. Soz.


  3. I was a fussy kid and now I eat most things. So maybe that is a good thing. But, I feel your pain. All of mine are fussy with some things! Even the baby, who doesn't even want food, gah!


  4. I was so very smug when first child ate everything. Including raw broccoli, which to this day is a favourite of hers. (Seriously, why? Broccoli is evil.) Anyway, said smugness came back to bite me on the bum with second child, who refuses to eat pretty much anything that's not bread. I have no answers. One day he'll be his wife/long term life partner's problem. In the meantime I feed him multivitamins in the shape of animals. *sigh*


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