Little Hanny Rat attended a very fancy high tea birthday party today. While shopping for the birthday present yesterday, the Devil Child spotted a mini top hat fascinator in one of those horrid, cheap accessory shops. I was all “$20?! Hell to the mother freaking NO, child.” but she turned on the tears and mannnnn alive, you try turning that down! It wasn’t the usual “I’m a little shite” kind of tears, it was more “I’m going to a land of fanciness and I might not look fancy enough!” and how could I say no to those little eyes welling up.

Well, for $20 I’d def have still said no, but we managed to find one on the sale rack for $6 and I decided that her little teary display was worthy of $6 fascinator. I’m such a sucker.

I let the Devil Child wear mascara with her party outfit (again, I’m a sucker) and on the way to the party in the car she had a minor panic:
“Mum, my mascara might run down!
“Why would it run down?”
“Because I’m crying!”
“Why are you crying?”
“I don’t know, I think my eyes need to let some water out.”


She seems all so grown up and then comes out with that. It turns out she’s still my baby kid.


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