Birthdays passed

First it was the Boy’s 31st birthday which was marked with an uncharacteristically sedate weekend at Pukehina. We’re feeling kinda old.

Except for the Devil Child who has many years before she’ll be feeling old.

And then that same Devil Child turned 8, a mere week later. Her birthday involved a really early morning present session before getting ready for school/work (6am!).

The evening involved utilising her birthday present (boxing gloves) to waste Joseph. Since then her and the Boy have had regular training sessions on the lawn. My little ballerina is also extreme fighting ballerina.

She was pretty damn spoiled by a lot of people, that child. And this weekend I’m even letting her loose with her Aunty Lauren to spend her birthday money. This could be a terrible mistake. But she’s 8. It’s time she had a bit more freedom to learn from the lessons that life gives you. Such as, that spending $60 on erasers from Smiggle might not be the wisest investment that one could make. I’ll report back after their shopping trip.

And in other birthday related information, it’s my birthday on Monday. The Boy picked up my present today and couldn’t contain his excitement beyond 3 hours of waiting to surprise me so he’s already handed it over.

It’s a fancy schmancy cake mixer.

I’ve wanted one for aaaaaages. The pity is that our damn oven has crapped itself so I need to either get an element replaced, or buy myself a birthday present of a new oven, before I can make any cakes! ARGH! And just quietly… I think the possibility of me baking cakes was the reason the Boy was so excited by my present. He’s transparent, that man. Totally transparent. On the plus side, he just gave me the justification to buy myself new underwear and pretend that is his Christmas present. Two can play this game. 😉


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