The weekend just past was Hannah’s ballet concert. Weeks of preparation culminated in the production of Alice in Wonderland held at a fancy theatre at a fancy Auckland school. I’m trying to be vaguely subtle and hope like crap this doesn’t turn up in anyone’s googling as photography was STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. It turns out that the woman I have designated as my child’s spiritual guide and support in times of I-hate-my-mum, Fairy Godmother Gemma, is as rebellious as she always was and stealthily snapped some pics (top pic courtesy of her). SO BAD. But also, awesome. Because I am forever a slack mother and got barely any photographic evidence of the child as ballerina. (FYI: She’s the navy blue flower on the left with the red hair, obvs.)

But yeah, holy fricking exhaustion, man! I’m still recovering. It doesn’t help that the ballet teacher has identified my lack of ability to say “no thanks!” so I’m roped in whereever one can possibly be roped in eg. sewing costumes.

Luckily I have slave labour these days.

She was a trooooper. And ironed every damn petal that I painstakingly painted with non-fray stuff and sewed into skirts for the flowers. Mind you, this was after her whinging about having to attend the ballet concert fundraising BBQ at Mitre 10 Mega where I had to cut up close to 20kgs of onions. And she had the cheek to complain that she was sick of bouncing on the bouncy castle. Oh, you’re sick of the bouncy castle? MY GOODNESS, HOW HARD IS YOUR LIFE?! Yeah… I launched into a 15 minute lecture about me giving up my Sunday afternoon to pitch in to fundraise for activities that already cost me a small fortune and cause me a shit tonne of stress. She zoned out about 30 seconds in but I felt better once I’d finished.

During the performance she was the cutest little flower and the coolest card and I had fun as a dresser for the older kiddos. Family attendance at Saturday night’s concert was the best bit – good times rock and roll with my mama, and my granny, and my sister, and my Gaz, and my little tiny niecelet, Podgey, all in attendance.

And holy moley, ballet does good intermission food. I had the BEST red velvet cupcake that I’d ever tasted for $2. $2! I encouraged them to mark the price up to $5 next year.

I do have to say that I’m glad ballet is over. This lack-of-sleep-in on a Saturday business wasn’t overly cool. I’m so looking forward to this blissfully unscheduled weekend. Woooooo.

Now, someone remind me to plan a lengthy overseas trip in the lead up to the ballet concert next year. It’s the only way I’ll escape.


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