Visit from a little person

Last week, the cutest little niece in the world came to visit us in Auckland. I’ve moved on from calling her Podge to calling her P-Rat. Not sure she’ll be stoked about either of those names when she’s older but she now matches Han, who was christened the Red Rat by Kerryn and Spam.

Jute and P-Rat stayed with us for three days and it was so freaking cool hanging out with them. Not least because I got to take a day off work to play with them in the city. I always feel like we just hang at our house every time they come up so we made the effort to go and check out the city. We had grand plans of visiting the Auckland Domain but that was replaced by a walk to Wynyard Quarter from the Britomart Precinct.

I wanted to show Jute the cool development that went on prior to the Rugby World Cup as well as show P-Rat the playground. Unfortunately she wasn’t overly keen on the playground by the time we got there (and who the freak decided that steel was the best thing to construct playground stuff out of? That shit gets HOT in the sun) but the city link happened to stop nearby so we jumped on it and headed back to Britomart to find a cafe to eat at. Yeyaaaaaah public transport actually pulling through for us!

Jute coped frigging well in stupidly hot weather despite also growing another niece or nephew for me. And it was cool feeling kicks and prods while the babe is in utero. I’m reeeeeally hoping to be able to visit again before the babe is born and then most definitely afterward. So freaking exciting.

I really need to figure out some sort of sponsorship deal with a local airline so I can get my niece-time as often as I need to. Damn you, geographical separation. Damn you.

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