Proper grown up holiday

No kid! Over seas! Tropical island! LIKE PROPER ADULTS.

View down the beach at the Rarotongan Resort

Some friends of Dion’s were getting married so it was quite a decent group who headed over to Rarotonga. As a result it was kinda hilarious and quite a bit drunken.

The full crew down at the groom’s family’s accommodation at Manaia Villas for a BBQ.

I discovered that I can’t drink as much as Dion’s Rarotongan cousins (urghhhh still feel sick thinking about it), I don’t much like being under water for long periods (I discovered this about 1/4 of the way through intro scuba training), and Dion isn’t much one for lying on beaches for long periods of time. By the time we got back, I needed a holiday from my holiday.


We did some neat stuff though – like Dion’s scuba trip, scootering the hell outta the island, watching D’s cousin dance in the show at Te Vara Nui village, and charter fishing (photographic evidence of my elusive mahi mahi above. I got it in and the dude tried to get it on board but it squirmed off, leaving half of its face behind. Soz vegetarians.).

It would’ve been a pretty rad place to take the kidlet but it was also nice to have total freedom to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted to. PROPER GROWN UP HOLIDAYS RULE. (And now we won’t be able to do anything fun for a LONG time while I pay off my credit card. Argh.)


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