The next bit

It feels a bit weird leaping in to this given that the last post I made was about buying my little house and D and I splitting. I was really tempted to start a new blog but that feels a bit disingenuous so I’ll stick around here and lay out as much as I can. I figure there’s no use pretending to be perfect, right?

So Han and I have a new man in our lives. We have for a few months now. It happened pretty soon after D and I… the same with him and his girlfriend. It all felt weirdly natural. I mean, I wouldn’t change the timing as it’s worked so well, but it does make me wonder how long we’d been together, not really being together (if that makes sense)?

Anyway, my surfer guy. I’ve known him for a wee while and he has had the misfortune of being stuck in an office with me for a year or so, 45ish hours a week.

Now he’s lucky enough to spend even more time with me. ha. Although separate offices now.

Lion rock, North Piha, Piha kitchen, surfer’s bedroom

We have fun together. And he gets as riled up about social justice as I do. And indulges my slightly hippy tendencies. And is great with the kiddo. Even if she rolls her eyes and calls him ridiculous.

It’s looking pretty likely that we’ll be living together very soon. If I can drag him away from Piha. Although I imagine I’ll only be able to do that with promises to get back there at some stage. We probably won’t fit in my little house for very long anyway.

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