Baby Esther lying on a bed
Little at 6 days old

In my usual style of dropping major life news like it ain’t no thang, Nick and I had a baby.

Yeah, yeah, all within the year. I’m nothing if not efficient.

Anyway, she’s quite lovely. And she’s Little. And so Hannah is now Big. And she’s besotted with her little sis.
Thank fricking Dog as she’d been VERY WARY about this little sister business throughout my whole pregnancy and requested a baby gate for her door about sixty-thrillion times.

And so now we’re here and I’m at home for a year hanging with Little while Nick does the work thing. Well, that’s the current plan. So we’ll see if I can’t manage some blogging huh?


One thought on “Not-so-red-headed-devil-child

  1. Hooray! I have been wondering if Little had arrived. Congratulations 🙂 Two girls, awesome fun. Lovely to see you blogging a bit again too (says the woman who abandoned it altogether).


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