Sewing woes

Woollen top for Little when she's a-bit-less-little. Whatever you do, don't look closely.

I really did screw up the top there but it’s functional. It makes me very glad that I only sew for my own kids and don’t have to worry if I accidentally sew the fold-over elastic wrong, or use black thread on the wrong side. They don’t judge. And if they do (well, if the one that talks does), I can give them (her) a half hour lecture about saving money and that she’s welcome to get a job and support the sweat shop economy by herself. I don’t think she’d whinge again.

But my sewing woes are more serious than using the wrong thread. I made the stupid mistake of buying an overlocker from someone who didn’t know what they were selling… or maybe they did but that makes me angry so I’ll assume they didn’t. Anyway, despite outward appearances, the overlocker I bought just before Christmas from TradeMe is not in “excellent condition” as stated.

My repair dude was horrified at the amount of stuff that was broken on the machine and was reluctant to fix it, knowing that it’d only just get it sewing again and not particularly well.

So yay. $250 down the drain. Money that was given to me especially for the overlocker for my 30th birthday. There may have been tears in a true 30-year-old tantrum. That’ll teach me for buying a slightly cheaper machine instead of the machine I was planning to buy from repair dude. One that would’ve actually been reliable.

Moral of the story, don’t be cheap when it comes to overlockers, you idiot, Nikki.

Luckily mum has come to the rescue (even though it was her money I wasted in the first place) and is lending me her machine so I can make some warm clothes for these kiddos of mine. Thank you, mama.


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