I got lasik and now I have a face. It’s really facey. I’m slowly getting used to everything being quite on display. The actual procedure wasn’t scary at all and there has been really minimal discomfort. But it’ll take a while for me to get used to the exposure my real life face is getting.


I went back to work three days a week and Nick dropped down to three days a week. It’s such a great arrangement and I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s such a different experience from going to work when you’re sole charge of your kiddo. When you’re never on time to work because the baby/toddler decides to poo, just when you’re on your way out the door. When they refuse to eat breakfast so it takes an extra 15 minutes of coaxing that doesn’t work and you definitely don’t have time for. When you have to rush out of the office by 4.55pm to get back to your childcare on time. There’s none of that. And this is what most men get, all the time. I reckon more people should consider it, if they can. And more employers should definitely consider it.


This week, Esther has started babbling away in her own language. Full conversations and she’s quite convincing. Nick is speaking to her in Spanish on the days he has her at home. I think she’s given up on making any sense in any language but her own.


Han is now at intermediate and we’ve had a gigantic shift in workload. Some days I give her the “suck it up, kid” speech and other days I’m tempted to march in to the school and give them the “THIS IS NOT ON.” lecture. I’ve got a parent-teacher interview this week so I should raise it with them. I’m on a mission to communicate like an adult this year. Watch me be all assertive and shit.


I’m obsessing about buying a house again and getting ranty and frustrated that our financial situation somewhat stifles our ability to buy anything that isn’t best torn down. Piha is now following suit with the rest of Auckland and getting out of control. I get so bored of talking about it but it occupies quite a lot of my thinking time. Am I just avoiding other stuff? Probably. Still, Auckland fecking property prices. What a crock. I know you’re all bored of it too.



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