Update on the house front

So, I had a plan. My plan was to take photos of every single mail box of every single house.

Thus far I have taken one photo of one house. That is not at all indicative of the trillions of scummy places we have visited.

We had almost set ourselves on somewhere in Miramar. It had potential chicken-living-space. CHICKENS! But then on a drive-by today we see someone else moving their little pot plants in. And probably not going to have chickens at all. Bet they hadn’t even considered the possibility. Bastards.

Sooooooo back to the drawing board.

Frigging flat hunting.

Frigging lack of mail box photos to accompany whinge-filled post.

Frigging Wellington and it’s useless frigging lack of garage availability.

Frigging us and our unreasonable demands.



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