Kid story 676

Well, at the very least, the blog is living up to its name. Pity there is a severe lack of action on the crafty front! Oh, I lie. I went on out Saturday night and decided about 5 minutes before I was meant to leave that I needed a black mini-ish skirt. So I sewed one. But pics will follow later. Maybe much later as I sorta screwed it up and need to fix it. heh.

Anywayyyy… kid story.

There is a vacant section next door to our place where the kid has claimed a special secret hiding place. This secret hiding place consists of a bit of ply wood which has been left there. heh. So every now and again she comes running up to me and cups her hand to my ear and whispers something indecipherable involving an awful lot of saliva. I have recently decoded this as “Mum, can I go to my secret hiding place?” [Can ya tell she’s had strict instructions she must always ask before going to her secret hiding place? 😉 ]

The section is for sale.

The kidlet asked what the board said and I read it out to her and tried to explain the concept of property ownership.

The kidlet decided she was going to buy the land.

The kidlet emptied her money box.

The kidlet set out for the table.

The kidlet made her deposit on the vacant plot and is now apparently the proud owner of some prime near-beach real estate.

I’ve given up trying to explain.


4 thoughts on “Kid story 676

  1. this is the cutest ever!! LOVE IT! Hey also, don't know if it's just me, but everytime I open your page it tells me there is a script that has an error in it, and I have to stop the script or ignore it before I can read your blog… Using mozilla firefox. Dion?


  2. She is awesome. You made her. That is awesome.

    Now, how about that '10 things you probably shouldn't say to a teen parent post'? You are the woman to write it and I want to learn from your wisdom and insight.

    Go on. Go on, go on, go on, go on, gowan.


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