Sleepy and full

Christmas didn’t turn out too bad at all. Lunch at Niamh’s was faaabulous. Great food and super champagne cocktails… with homemade black currant brandy business. Yuuuuuummmmmyyyyy. When we left for home I was very glad I didn’t have my car! (I had to sleep off more than just food this afternoon.)

Tobin gave me Alterknits by Leigh Radford. Cool cool coooool knitting projects. Lace up fingerless gloves and knitted leather cuff definitely in my top 5… Oh rats… I just remembered there are some awesome recycle projects in there too! How could I forget them?? I swear – Best Boyfriend EVER.

I gave him a bit of an average gift in return (he put a fake price limit on me… last time I’m listening to that!) so I have a lot to make up for next year.

And we are re-doing Christmas when my Maman and Mark come down on January 3rd. I’ll bet the little monkey child will be spoiled to pieces. (Though I came VERY close to abandoning Christmas this year… does every kid turn into a horrible little shite days out from Christmas, or just mine?)

The kiddo, despite a few melt downs, turned on the charm this afternoon and even went to bed without too much protesting! (Christmas miracle, that one!) So, just because I’m feeling the Devil Child love… here’s the latest snap.


One thought on “Sleepy and full

  1. The overcatering continues at Masterton so we are continuing to run way above maintenance diet – could have used your guys help as even surplus veges!Car all good… seems that it may only be a little plastic clip yet so maybe car was only trying to protect you from a dangerous drive?


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