Letter to my cousins

By the way – this is a post for you guys too… just wrote it in letter form so that I could print it out – kill two birds with one stone. So just disregard references to school and family members and marvel at my productiveness. ha.

Dear Matt, Sarah and Willy (and Uncle Dave and Aunty Sue),

I’m blogging you a letter because my general slackosity means that you will not get written to otherwise. The only solution to this problem would be that a) you get broadband and are relegated to the ranks that Mum and Dad inhabit whereby you have to find out about my life on the internet or b) I actually get around to writing regularly. I attempted to compromise by blogging you a letter. I hope you don’t mind. As a bonus, it means you get pictures. I couldn’t pull that one off in a real letter! Well… I could, but they’d be stick figures.

So how is school? Boring as hell? Mrs. Haddock still rocking the party Matt?

Work is fine and dandy. A tad boring… but that is all of my own doing. I just have to get off my butt and actually do fun stuff to make it a bit more interesting.

And now, because this is a blog post – you get to hear how my weekend went.

I was a knitting machine this weekend. I finished off two hats, knitted a baby scarf and got most of the way through Jute’s fingerless gloves and a neck warmer. MACHINE. See?:

Hannah was busy with her social life this weekend. Attending all the hippest of hip parties (Ella turns 4) and having such a great time that she required a sleep BOTH afternoons. That doesn’t happen every weekend!

I had stupidly promised her that we would make a garden this weekend after I got all excited reading a gardening blog called You Grow Girl (Thanks George 🙂 ) So off to Palmers we trotted and I decided that we should burden Ella’s mum with the same task of keeping plants alive until they bear fruit. Hey, if I’m going down then I’m dragging someone with me! So we bought a little tray of strawberry plants and Ella received two for her birthday and Hannah was able to plant the other two. We were a bit slack with our own gardening (start as we mean to go on and all that) but we managed to get them in after dinner tonight (Sunday). In my defence, it was raining earlier. I wasn’t getting wet just to keep my promise to my daughter. No siree.

So here is a photo of our baby strawberry plants hanging out in the dark:

So they look happy (for now) and are finally in their little planter thingy. We have a little bag of strawberry food (marketing ploy to sell expensive stuff to people like me… I know) and I sort of have faith that we may be able to keep them alive long enough that we’ll be able to see a few strawberries in summer. I may even go back and get some more and claim them as my own. I doubt Hannah will be willing to share.

That’s us for now. If you’d like to know more then rock on round to Mum’s house and you can read about all our adventures at http://redheadeddevilchild.blogspot.com. Be warned though: I swear a lot on there. But you already knew that… you are related to me.

Thanks a bundle for the card you sent when I graduated. I did mean to write back to say thanks at the time but I got distracted. As I do. Attention span of a small child and all that. Hopefully this makes up for it a little bit.

Hope you guys are well and it isn’t too cold in the Middle of Nowhere.*



*I’m pretending that I am security conscious on the internet.


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