Naff Central: the tour of the interior

I was hoping to take some photos in the weekend when it was actually light enough to do so but of course my camera battery was flat. So I charged it and now of course, there’s no damn sunlight. And then I decided the photos weren’t fit to show the world but realised I wasn’t really up to staging a full photoshoot of the house including hiding all the crap, so you just get the real mess. Yup.

Disclaimer: I do actually like the house. And I’ll have to do another post with things about the house that are GOOD now that I’ve chronicled all the nastiness.

Behold – ze KITCHEN!

Strange space that was once a bedroom and then renoed into a dining room and which we’ll claim as an office for now. Some of the text was eaten from the photo because I was being rude about my geeky boyfriend having too many computer parts. Apparently he’s conspiring with the interwebs to remove all insulting comments about him.

Lounge. Well. Some of it. There’s a dining area behind me. And couches on the left. It’s quite big.

Spare oom. (Bonus geek reference.) Includes dodgy wiring example.

Downstairs bathroom. Oh yeah. Previous owner was a car painter and panel beater so all the doors in the house have been taken down to the spray booth and been given the sweetest coat of gloss you could ever imagine. Hence shiny cabinet doors. Noice.

Have almost killed self multiple times already on these so deserve picture of their own.

Our bedroom

Will have to take another photo of fan one day to get its full metallic beauty.

Our bathroom. Or part of it. The unusable part.

Andddddd the rooms for short people. Yes. We have two rooms that you can barely stand in. Useful. Errrr.

Awwww. My house! Don’t you just ADORE it? I could happily sink a couple of hundred grand in removing all the naffaciousness of it all. It’ll be a loooong time before that actually happens. For now, we’re learning to love it.

And the awesome stuff about the house makes up for it all. Promise. Actually, the oranges from the orange tree make up for it alone. All the other stuff that we like about the house is extra neat!


14 thoughts on “Naff Central: the tour of the interior

  1. If this is the bad stuff…it looks like it will be a great house! I'm with you on apricot walls – interesting finish or not but paint is cheap and it looks a good size. Be careful of light switches that seem to do sfa – the last two houses and both our apartments here have them and eventually you have an epiphany moment when you figure out what its for usually when you cant turn on a light somewhere cos that one is switched off! Kitchens are really deceptive – you can just replace cupboard doors (or paint them & change handles) and change the whole way it feels. Several friends have done that & it's not too horrendous price wise. So that leaves the wood – and all the computers you bought with you LOL. The best bit is – its all yours and you can do what you want!


  2. ah, your house is brilliant!!! Love the curvey stairs of doom AND you have an ensuite, enuff said (even if you can't use the shower,that's still way more bathroom space then we have here)


  3. I LOVE it – you've seen the naff-ness of our house…you get used to it, and then begin to love it. I can't wait to come stay. Which room is mine?
    Also, love the Narnia ref!
    Enjoy the 'settling in'.


  4. Awesome! I reckon you should do the bedroom up all heavy metal and then the fan/light thing would totally match. It's good interior design to redo an entire room around one minor fitting that you could easily replace, isn't it?

    The naffness at our house includes a curious urinal downstairs, a TV aerial cord in the second smallest room in the house (i.e. not the toilet), and a big round deliberate hole in the lounge. Oh and the ugliest bamboo-esque wallpaper ever in the kitchen, that went pretty quick, although it then took another 5 years to actually get around to putting anything else on the walls.

    I can't even easily recall quirky things about our house now, after 8 years there, because either they just seem normal now, or they were so annoyingly odd they have been transmogrified or disposed of.

    So excite that you have all this space to make your own 🙂


  5. Your new house is amazing……full of potential and essentialy a blank slate( I forecast a huge amount of time spend on interior design sites and library books/magazines) The round sink is very unusual…anyway, normal and ordinary are overated. I am so excited for you……this is a great project and you are going to have a lot of fun!Good luck and I can't wait to see the good bits.


  6. Love it Nikki fabulous thankyou! I could do with a visit to your orange tree right now.
    I vtried to call you but your number has changed? Flick me a text with your new one please hun xxx


  7. Hi Noodle!

    Wow, i'm losing my blog virginity. i hope you're proud. couldn't think of a nicer person to lose it to!

    can't wait to see the house, i'll be sure to pack my apricot sundress so i can blend into the background during your party 🙂

    see ya reeeeal soon,

    love ngaio xoxo


  8. yay new house!! love the commentary!!! We have our own new house with loveable (or not) features. I will have to show you pics of the kitchen wallpaper, it would match nicely with your apricot walls. I hope your settling in is going well and congrats on being a homeowner, that is awesome xxxx


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