House tour: the neat shiz edition

I like snuggly kids in snuggly beds in morning sun. And midday sun. And afternoon sun. We get shitloads of sun. I like sun. Can ya tell?

Afternoon sun in our bedroom windows. Weeeeeeeeeee. The sun also fills Han’s bedroom throughout the day, the lounge, the spare room, and the kitchen. Wait – that’s all the rooms! Apart from the bathrooms. Poor bathrooms.

We have decks. Lots of decks. This is only really half of the deck that you can see here. Or maybe even less. I like decks. Especially combined with sun. Sun + decks = awesomeness. And in this photo on the right hand side, you can see the reason the Boy loves this house. That’s only half the garage. It fits at least 6 cars. Don’t worry, I’ve already banned him from having 6 cars.

We have a park next door. It rulz. We also have a playground across the street. It also rulz.

And I’ve already mentioned this but now you may see it for yourself: the best orange tree in the UNIVERSE. It has significantly less oranges on the tree than a week ago. Omnomnomnom.

So. There you have it. Some of the ace bits of our house. There’s much more ace-ness in the house but I find it hard to rave about ace-ness when I take photos and the ace-ness is obscured by half unpacked boxes. One day I’ll get there. And in the mean time, ace-ness may soon increase in the heating department as I’ve just discovered schemes to stop our house feeling like a¬†refrigerator! Yaaaaay. (Fire was ripped out one day way back and no one installed any new heating. House is big and hard to heat once sun disappears.)

Next time I may blog about the other new rad thing about living out here: the train!


2 thoughts on “House tour: the neat shiz edition

  1. Oooh, loving the sun, the decks, the park and the oranges! Am not fussed either way about the garage.
    Do you have lots of yard around that tree too?
    We shall definitely come and play!


  2. Loving the sun, sleeping child, decks greenery and oranges thought of you last night as I made Orange self saucing pud and whaaa-ed at home many brought oranges it used.
    Then started dreaming of orange poppyseed cakes and Orange and Almond cakes nom nom nom.
    Hope I get up there before the tree is bare *crosses finger and toes to wish extra hard* xxx


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